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BTO Cribbage is the best single player cribbage game. What started as a project to show case mobile app development turned into a passion for playing cribbage and creating life-like AI. Use this app as a tool to learn the beautiful game of cribbage, and see if you have what it takes to defeat the Gold AI.

BTO Cribbage

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concordia.blog is a political blog that focuses on your freedom or lack thereof. It combines current events with the principles of self-ownership and voluntary interactions. The blog is managed by Rudy Fenimore, the author of the provocative novel Concordia, There Must be a Better Way. He is a leader in the liberty movement and a prolific writer. Follow him, buy his books, and read is blog at:

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Pnyx, an open source project, brings all of your favorite unix tools like grep, sed and awk to your preferred programming language. By plugging in the Pnyx library to your project, you can built upon these venerable tools without calling external programs. With a flexible, fluent API, the Pnyx framework is easily extended and simple to verify with Unit tests. Learn more by visiting the project's website

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ETL - Software is built on data, and despite the increasing inter-connections between systems, data is to a large extent isolated. When transferring data between systems, formats need to be transformed from the source system into something usable by the destination system. Most companies spend an enormous amount of time and money on ETL, but have probably never heard of the term or knew it was a problem (Extract, Transform, Load). Using Pnyx (and other tools), our team will build custom systems that are scalable, reliable, and testable.

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